Windows 10 ( the official version ) to download a free update

Windows 10 (the official version) to download a free update

Windows 10 - the newest operating system from Microsoft, released in 2015. You can totally free to download Windows 10 and upgrade to the latest version.  

Since the images are downloaded via torrent, the download speed will be much higher!      

The more you doubt in the transition to the new system, the more benefits you will get from using it!    

Those who criticize the current generation , forget who raised him happiness ... build yourself ... Who knows the "why" , be sure to come up with the "how" ...

Windows 10 Professional Home x64 x86 ISO images Official

First place Windows 10 box (Download)
Windows 10 x64 | Size: 4.8 Gb
Windows 10 x86 | Size: 3.4 Gb

Windows 10 Professional and Home - original final version of Microsoft's in Russian. The distribution of 2 ISO image for x86 and x64 architectures. This is exactly the dozen, which officially went on sale in August 2015.

The installation of the system can be made as a flash drive, and a DVD drive. How best to do this can be found in the section Installing Windows 10.

At the beginning of installation, you will be prompted to choose the version, Home or Professional. Enter the serial number for registration and activation is not necessary, it can be done after installation. How to cure the system, see Activate Windows 10.

Download Windows 10 through the torrent, so the maximum download speed is achieved.

It works in Windows XP It works in Windows VISTA It works in Windows 7 It works in Windows 8 It works in Windows 8.1 It works in Windows 10

No viruses !
Benefits of Windows 10:
Additional Information:
  • Windows 10 gained popularity due to the competent promotion to the masses, and to enable all users of previous Windows, free upgrade to version 10.
  • Along with updates on computers running Windows 7 and 8 to install a package that offers to book a free upgrade dozens.
  • This has successfully taken advantage of not only the users of licensed versions, but also those who had a pirated version. With this upgrade, the pirates were able to activate and to legalize their copies.
  • Download torrent tssht Windows 10 may not even registered users. Please share in the comments about the new system, any glitches and shortcomings you notice when you use.

Windows 10 free download
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