Activation Windows 10 versions PRO and Home

Activation Windows 10 versions of the PRO and the Home

Windows 10 requires activation after installation. Not activated system restricts its use to the full. On this page you can download the activator for Windows 10 and be activated in two clicks.   

Since the activator does not modify system files, then the rally will not be!      

The faster you activate the system, the sooner get all the benefits from its use.    

Those who criticize the current generation , forget who raised him happiness ... build yourself ... Who knows the "why" , be sure to come up with the "how" ...

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KMSAuto2015v1.4.0 | Size: 8.37 Mb

Activation for Windows 10 – he new development known in wide circles of the team of computer offline ru-board. This is a local KMS activator that when run on a computer emulates the KMS server that connects to Windows, and is licensed to six months (6 months).

To activate Windows 10 is sufficient to run the program and click Activate in the main window. The rest of the program will independently determine what kind of system you have is, and select the desired options for the successful activation.

Pay attention!
Antivirus from Microsoft for obvious reasons, as the activator detects a malicious object and classifies it as HackTool: Win32 / AutoKMS. Only harm activator Windows 10 does the company itself, as it allows without buying a key to use the system. If you still doubt the efficiency of the activator or its purity for viruses, we recommend to refrain from downloading.

It works in Windows XP It works in Windows VISTA It works in Windows 7 It works in Windows 8 It works in Windows 8.1 It works in Windows 10

No viruses !
Benefits of the Program:
Additional Information:
  • Download Activator for Windows 10, you can torrent using a program (torrent client). After its application appears to add jobs in the Task Scheduler. Agree with the addition, as this will automatically activate the system in the background, that is, unbeknownst to you.
  • By this activator you successfully activate Windows 10 or Rro Home, and whether it will be 32-bit x86 architecture version or 64 bit version of x64. The program is completely free, has a size of 8 megabytes. This version has been tested on all VL versions of Windows 10 and showed 100% result!
    If you do not know how to install Windows 10, see the instructions.

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